Saturday, 8 December 2007

A Nice Green Leaf: Dodgy Green Tomatoes

By Emma Townshend

When it's raining this much, you have to stay indoors and just plan for next year. I was talking to a nice man dressed up as a Nasa space pilot on Saturday night (I don't think his qualifications were genuine. Think you know where this is going? Remember it's Emma not Catherine Townsend.) We chatted about balcony tomato growing. See what kind of conversations I get into at parties? Sigh.

One of my best tips for astronauts (and their wives) who are confused
about which type of tomato to grow next year, is the gardening blogs.
In particular, Hanna of Ohio always manages to make me smile. Check out her 2007 Tomato Tastings. She tries lots of different varieties and then posts her findings in
detail, with photos - which I find really helpful. Her comments are
hilarious, given that we're told she's a nice American grandma: "Will
Hanna grow this one again? No. The nice thing about pool boys is that
they are a dime a dozen. Great for a summer fling but when you are
looking for long-term tomato love, you need to find something with a
little more substance."

My favourite is probably the entry relating to "Rouge D'Irak",
adding "-Yes: that Iraq".  And if you want a true taste of internet
bizarrerie scroll down to the possibly spurious blog comment by Joey
Ballgaggio about tomato-related vomiting... If John Kennedy Toole was still alive I'd swear it was him, doing naughty posting.

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