Wednesday, 16 January 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Drunken Women, Lazy Blondes

Sarpo1_2By Emma Townshend

Disappointingly, despite the misleading headline, it's some more potato news. Hugh Fearnley-Whittingstall may go on and on about how we are missing out on amazing tastes by neglecting traditional varieties of fruit and veg, but what about those evocative names? (The Drunken Woman and the Lazy Blonde are both kinds of lettuce, by the way, according to London Seed Exchange organiser Lindsay Wright.)

You can check out alternatives to the standard supermarket options at this year's London Potato Fair and Seed Exchange,
at Harris Girls' School in East Dulwich, on Sunday 27 January. The
cutest thing about it is probably the verging-on-1950s £1.50 entrance
charge. But it remains a real opportunity to recycle some of those
seeds you haven't got round to growing, trading them in for other, more
promising varieties. And all the money raised goes to charity.

If you fancy adding to the list of deliciously-named potatoes,
but don't have time to breed your own, consider entering the
now-almost-legendary celebrity potato competition at Dulwich College on the fourth Sunday in February. (Honestly, don't ask, just click the link.)

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