Saturday, 26 January 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: The Overwhelming Gardens of Marc Quinn

By Emma Townshend

Marc Quinn's show of new work opened last night in White Cube's beautiful new Mason's Yard gallery, comprising a startling collection of stone foetus sculptures which have hit the headlines this morning. (Even the Daily Mail described them as "amazing". Surely that's a first for Britart.)

But the upstairs gallery houses a treat for those of us who are of a
more flowery inclination. Quinn has always had a botanical bent, as his
"Garden" and "DNA Garden" of 2001 showed - a kind of miniature Eden. He has since gone a step further with "The Overwhelming World of Desire", a 12 metre high sculpture of orchid "Winston Churchill".

Now in London you've got the chance to experience Quinn's weird and
colourful world for yourself. So, whatever the Daily Mail says, don't
confine your visit to the giant babies. Make sure you see the giant
flowers too.

(Photo: Marc Quinn Studio/Jay Jopliong/White Cube)

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