Friday, 18 July 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Carporticultural (Porsche part II)


Because he is an absolute evil genius, and because he has got the entire internet inside his head like it's the Matrix, Alex from Shedworking has just been able to send me the best link ever.

The Toyota Prius got roundly slagged off by almost everybody in our mini symposium the other day, but this blog shows that they are streets ahead (ahem) of the opposition in constructing not just a garden, but an entire house around having a place to recharge an electric car. 

According to Dwell, Toyota has been making these gorgeous, clean-lined steel-frame homes
for more than quarter of a century - and look how beautiful and sleek they are, slotting into an existing gap in the time it takes most Brits to do their converyancing. Now the car company has gone one better and is designing a re-charging stand into the parking place.

I have to say this is much more my cup of tea - I love it! And I'm hoping the glazed space beyond the car provides a nice spot for an elegant shade-loving courtyard. Mmm, all the heucheras I can fit in there...

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