Thursday, 3 July 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Last orders for Shed of the Year


Whilst having my first cup of tea of the day I can never resist a peek at Shedworking, whose author Alex I profiled on Sunday. I think it's because a secret part of me wishes that I had one of the amazing little buildings he features on his blog, down at the bottom of my own garden; and that my office could go back to being a comfy sitting room. 

Many people have a shed, but these days they get used for all kinds of things, as the 2008 Shed of the Year contest confirms. With only 48 hours to go in the voting, check out these insane pub sheds for those cunning enough to evade licensing laws by keeping it all at home, and admire the amazing amount of general creativity on display.

Sheds holding entire collections of "vintage video recorders"; sheds influenced by Aldous Huxley; sheds condemned as too old; even Father Christmas's hideaway from Mrs Christmas; and this one was built by the Amish, so don't go trying to phone them for repeat orders. 

It's hard to get away once you're there, so many and so bizarrely fascinating are the manifold uses of a shed. So enjoy a peruse, and get voting!

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