Thursday, 15 May 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Normal service will resume shortly


This time of year it's common to find fellow gardeners distracted, unable to answer simple questions and failing to perform tasks you've asked them to do four times already. The simple explanation of the mystery is that it's the busiest moment of the calendar, that time of year when you look out the front window to find the seedlings you planted have doubled in size, apparently overnight.

But it's also flower show time, and the blogs are one way to gauge gardeners' growing excitement about Chelsea in particular.

If you care about gardening it can be hard to justify swanning off to London in the middle of the growing season, so I think one reason for Chelsea's eternal popularity is that it provides a cast-iron excuse for a bit of bunking off.

The number of friends who complain about their sore feet afterwards also suggests to me that it is what gardeners consider to be a sufficient excuse for a bit of day-time dressing-up - an activity not usually all that customary in horticultural households, as a brief glimpse of Gardeners' World most weeks will demonstrate.

Anyway, on behalf of all the gardeners, I'd just like to offer many apologies, we'll be back to business on Monday the 26th at 9am sharp.

(Image: Rosa Wisley, to be launched Chelsea 2008 by David Austin)

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