Thursday, 5 June 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Big Brother is watching you... growing stuff


I know there are facilities on the so-called internet for finding out about these things, but I tend to get my rolling news from Ceefax while I sit on the sofa watching Kirstie and Phil arguing in Location, Location, Location.

Ceefax's latest revelation had a horticultural twist: I don't know whether there's someone working at Endemol who finds gardening particularly exciting, but I was a bit bemused last night to find out that the TV company's must-watch selling point for Big Brother 9 (beginning tonight on Channel 4) is that contestants are going to be made to grow their own vegetables.

Hmm. Bringing new meaning to the phrase "Dig for Victory", I can't help feeling this may only be marginally more interesting viewing than encouraging contestants to redecorate the Big Brother House and then watching the paint dry.

In incredible breaking news, further revelations included that the vegetables to be grown include potatoes! And carrots!

If they can make the nation interested in a twenty-minute conversation about whether to grow Pink Fir Apple, or stick to good old Charlotte, I'll be impressed. Or perhaps a big foot-stamping sulking-in-the-diary-room argument will break out over whether to fleece the growing veg against carrot fly.  While I might find the subject gripping, I remain unconvinced about whether it's what mainstream Britain wants to watch after it gets back from the pub a bit drunk. Producer Phil Edgar-Jones said yesterday "Ratings are not my main concern." Well, yes, we can see that, Phil.

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