Thursday, 26 June 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: The Big Green Leaf is coming


I didn't call this blog "A Nice Green Leaf" for nothing. Apart from my great admiration for the work and ethical message of Eric Carle, just like the Hungry Caterpillar, I absolutely love a nice green leaf. 

Blue, red and pink in the garden (especially pink) can entertain me for a second, but looking at all the different greens I'm growing can almost hypnotise me into a greater state of calm. So when it came to Bloom Day this month, I felt a bit of regret that there was no room for my lovely green leaves in the show.

I know there are other people out there who'd love to share the great greenness of the world, so I'm asking you to join me on the halfway point of the year, 30 June, in posting A Big Green Leaf.

Either put up pictures of your best foliage combinations, wow us with your giantest leaf, or delight us with a technologically advanced slideshow showing the general verdancy of your plot. We don't mind. We just want to enjoy your greenery the same way you get to do every day.

When you have your post done, please put the details here in a comment, and I'll start organising to let other garden bloggers know that we are going to have this little event. Hopefully it'll be a fun way to address the balance a bit in favour of calm, collected, utterly
soothing, surprisingly varied, deliciously shady, photosynthetically-significant, beautiful green.

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