Wednesday, 26 March 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Little Baby... Hummingbirds?


If you haven't already heard of Ketzel Levine, it's not that surprising. Somehow in the world of celebrity gardening her talents have got hidden away on NPR, the American not-for-profit radio station which is somewhat surprisingly kept afloat these days on a wodge of cash donated by Joan Kroc, the widow of McDonalds founder Ray.

Ketzel writes and broadcasts wonderfully about plants, especially really big trees which seem to be something of an obsession of hers. Here is a great radio programme she made about Charles Kellogg, an early Redwoods campaigner who lived in America's first mobile home - a hollowed-out tree. And at the moment her blog features pictures of the birds currently nesting in her garden. Not, as in my case, blue tits, but the cutest looking baby hummingbirds.

Besides the baby birds my favourite bit of her site is her archive of Plant Profiles, which offer some really great, funny, informed garden writing that ranks up there with the classics. 

Really bad gardeners, however, may prefer the useful and apparently inexhaustible section devoted to that perennial subject, "Why Did My Plant Die?"

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