Wednesday, 5 March 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Monkey du Jour


First the phrase I love to hear: it's not too late to win free stuff. Garden Monkey is offering a delicious-smelling gardening book for the best answer to his question (a brand new book, of course it'll smell nice): "Who do you think would make the ideal Gardeners' Question Time chairman in place of Peter Gibbs?"

Garden Monkey, in case you were wondering, is the Belle du Jour of horticulture, an anonymous and cheeky blogger everyone this side of Wisley would love to unmask.

I'm sticking to my Hong Kong Phooey theory that it's the utterly
gentle and kind-hearted Dan Pearson finally letting out a bit of his
evil dark side, but I admit that's a minority view. But get over there
now and stick down your best effort to get yourself in with a chance of
winning. And then you can enjoy the naughtiest gardening blog in town.

Though don't get too excited. It's a gardening blog, after all. It probably isn't going to get made into a series with Billie Piper.

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