Monday, 17 March 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Sowing By the Light of the Moon


New growth seems to be in the air and everyone's gearing up for sowing their spring seeds. The problem for gardeners, as everybody acknowledges, is that you want to get started, but you also know that there could be bad weather around the corner. And this morning, weather websites and redtop newspapers alike have been confirming that we are in for a cold, cold Easter. 

Easter is as early as it could be this year, as I finally found out how they calculate it from Charles Dowding's organic website.

Charles Dowding also points out that lunar movements are such that - if you believe in the power of the moon - Wednesday the 19th this week is a particularly propitious moment for sowing your vegetable seeds.
Consult a lunar calendar if you don't believe me! 

So in light of the bad weather, consider holding back on starting off the outdoor peas and beans. But tomatoes and chillis can get going on a windowsill with all the lunar forces to wish them on their way.

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