Monday, 31 March 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: The Garden Snooper


So much to choose from in the papers at the weekend. In pathetic and plagiaristic tribute to the Indyblogs' Gutter Sniper, here's my round-up of the weekend's best gardening news:

- How to depress yourself in one easy step: Martha Stewart’s immaculate kitchen garden.
- The Heritage Lottery Fund finally sorts out money for Great Dixter.

- Polish plants are taking over Britain (a story surprisingly not reported by the Daily Mail).

- Pampas grass is back.

- English horticulturists confirm their reputation for innovation with underground grow chambers.

- How to get an allotment in Hong Kong.

- Your sister can actually annoy you into growing blueberries.

- James Alexander-Sinclair thinks flowering currant smells of cat pee.

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