Thursday, 17 April 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Bloom Day


I've just discovered Bloom Day. Not to be confused with Dublin's Bloomsday, Bloom Day is a once-a-month event organised by garden bloggers: every 15th of the month, they stick up photos of what's doing the best in their gardens, all across the internet, taking in at last count Texas, Poland, Milan and Brabant (it's in the Netherlands, guys). 

At Scatty Mare, Zoe is showing off homegrown gentians; at jocodeane, there's a considerably artier approach - eat your heart out, Nick Knight.

It makes the world feel a curiously cosy size when you discover that Italian balcony gardeners favour bright yellow sedums, or that Carol in Indiana has tulips which have been chewed by rabbits. 

It's Carol who's responsible for organising the event, though, so if you scroll down to the 111 comments on her Bloom Day post, you'll discover links to all the other participating websites. Personally, I think the Texans have it. 

As for me, I had to really scrape around to find anything flowering this week. There was one pear blossom in the back garden, but in the end the windowbox hellebores won out. (In case you're wondering about the festival fencing in the background, I've been testing some out as
I'm planning to put on a early spring rock concert. Um, not really. We're just having some of those Victorian water mains replaced, and apparently we mustn't fall down the holes.)

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