Wednesday, 30 April 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: My New Favourite Tree Surgeon

I've been following The Independent Magazine's "Urban Gardener" Cleve West's daily blog posts as he constructs the BUPA garden for this year's Chelsea Flower Show. It's a good glimpse into the hour-by-hour trials of having to make an immaculate garden which will be scrutinized in miniature by the entire nation, in the space of just 19 days. Ugh.

However I have to admit my best bit of the blog so far is nothing to do with Chelsea: gleefully discovering Cleve's what can only be termed "mental" friend Mick Soft, on YouTube. Just start watching it. Everything about him makes me me laugh. What a cheer-up. Especially after you view all the take-themselves-very-very-seriously clips from real tree surgeons.

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