Thursday, 3 April 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Valley of the Tree-Planters

I've discovered a new gardening anthem! Well not really new. This is "I'll Plant My Own Tree", sung in a 1970s tv appearance by the legendary Lena Horne. It's a song that Dory Previn originally wrote in 1967 for the film of "Valley of the Dolls". The lyrics have a fairly warped Dory Previn sense of humour: "I'll plant my own tree, and I'll make it grow/ My tree will not be, just one in a row." I think it's all in the delivery...

And Horne certainly delivers it. Her performance is wonderful, in a set which looks like it may have itself seen a few Zombie Plants in its time. Sing it next time you're planting a tree! I'll come round and play bongoes!

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