Saturday, 26 April 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: A Nice Blank Space


If I was Alex from Shedworking, this huge new empty area at the end of my garden would be inspiring thoughts about all of the possible garden buildings I could install on such a vast terrain.

However this new bit has been created by removing a structure, rather than in order to install one. When I moved here there was an air raid shelter at the end of the garden, and though I made repeated feeble efforts to remove it over the years it has taken over a decade to give up on DIY and get the professionals  in. (Well, sort of professional. One of them at least is actually an actor who just finished touring in Peter Hall's Uncle Vanya. Which seemed terribly classy to me.) 

This morning standing outside I heard birdsong that I didn't recognise,and looked around for the interloper. A looping series of bubbly noises made me think of the sound of an old analogue tape machine rewinding. Looking up, I saw three goldfinches sitting in my neighbour's tree. I won't forget that call in a hurry - you can listen to it at the RSPB site. 

It's been a revelation to have a clear flat plot in the sunniest bit of the garden for the very first time. What I have to do now is strenuously avoid my gardener's instinct to plant it with anything. Well, maybe a couple of climbers to go up the fence. But nothing round the edge. I'm
determined to enjoy the sense of space for as long as I can.

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