Wednesday, 20 February 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Aloe Blondie


At Kew at the moment, the Princess of Wales Conservatory is full of flowering aloes, beautifully set in a dry river bed of other spiny plants. But I just got some pics from Eden in Cornwall where they have massed the aloes together to provide a less natural, but much more over-powering effect. Over-powering in a good way, that is.

Eden_290108_sb1 Eden have added to the impact by circulating photos which feature their blonde aloe expert Florence Roux. With a name like that, she presumably also comes with an alluring foreign accent. And here she is, slightly grautitously, with her arms around an enormous Amaryllis: a pair of Felco's - the world's best secateurs - are slung in a holster across her hip. Just the thing to brighten up your day.

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