Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Willow Info

By Emma Townshend

A couple of people who read actual real newspapers said that they loved the picture of Gandalf, sorry, Trevor Wood, the willow expert I wrote about on Sunday.

However they also complained that there were no snaps of actual willows. To rectify the omission, I'm posting two of my favourites - taken at Wisley this winter.

Both are up the bright end of the willow spectrum - young willow
twig colours vary right into the subtle deep greens and greys, but
these particular twigs are fiery. For those planning a bit of willow
shopping, the image on the left is Salix "Yelverton"; on the right is
Salix "Golden Ness". You can click on them to see them bigger.

If you want to see the willows in person at Wisley
(along with others in even gaudier colours) they are by the smaller
lake over to the right as you come in the gardens. The one with the
horrible stork sculptures in. Sigh. Now if we could get rid of them, frankly, I'd feel like we were actually getting somewhere.

PS. Not exactly crazy for the Japanese pavilion either, actually...

Dsc_1145jpeg Dsc_1144jpeg

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