Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Trees for Mama


I actually just had to check Mother's Day hasn't been yet. Which doesn't bode too well for my mum. Or maybe it does, at least I haven't failed to send a card... yet. But if you are even moderately disorganised like myself, how about a nice London street tree for the old dear? 

(Please don't anyone tell my mum I referred to her, even indirectly, as an old dear.)

Handkercheif_davidiainvolucratefl Trees for Cities are a really good organisation that I've written about before, and I've gone to see them actually planting trees. Also, having walked around Southwark quite a bit in the last year, I've seen their dedicated trees doing well and with their little plaques still intact. I really like the choice of trees too - an apple, on the left, and a Handkerchief tree on the right, with its distinctive flowers like hankies hanging down off a washing line. Hang on, I'm not really selling that.

Prices currently stand at £25 for a tree with gift card, and £175 if
you get the special one with a plaque and a nice map of where it's been
planted. And if you hear of any other superior gardenesque ideas for
Mother's Day post them below! I need help!

(Photos by Peter Wells at Barcham)

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