Tuesday, 26 February 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Squirrel seen doing something useful - nation expresses 'amazement'


Look what I saw out of my window this morning! Yes, it's a squirrel munching the contents of my garden. I know that squirrels usually prefer to exist on a diet of fine wines and crocus bulbs, but this one is helpfully gobbling up a banana skin. 

Why am I feeding the squirrels bananas? Well, I have been experimenting with biodegradable bin bags for compost stuff. They are totally great, but my god, they biodegrade ridiculously fast. I never thought I'd be complaining, but yesterday I carried a full bag out to the compost heap and it just completely collapsed, leaving the slightly rotting contents all over my garden... The side of the packet says the bag is only meant to last for three-four DAYS before it will start to rot - I think I can safely substantiate that.

Anyway there I was with potato peelings all over the gravel on a freezing cold day and I just couldn't be bothered to pick them up. Sorry. But within hours the helpful squirrel had pulled up a chair and was nibbling his way through my kitchen refuse. Frankly, if he tidies up and doesn't eat the crocuses as a result, I need to get this mother caught and cloned for distribution throughout the UK. I could be a national hero...

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