Tuesday, 5 February 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Never Knowingly Out-Valentined


I have just had a slightly stalker-ish email from Waitrose. Well, weird, anyway. It said:

"Hello, I'm David, I'm the Horticulture Buyer at Waitrose and I've bunched together a special Valentine's selection of flowers and plants. See what I've picked for you at your local Waitrose. The other Partners have also been getting into the spirit. See the results in our special Valentine's section. I hope you enjoy it. David Mitchell."

I got a bit excited there for a minute. A handsome plant-loving man has
been emailing me and going on about
his other partners, too, a phrase rarely heard outside the
Genito-Urinary Medicine clinic. He's not the world's least attractive
David, either. He looks enough like David Morrissey (Colonel Brandon in
last month's Sense and Sensibility, pictured right, keep up) to get
middle-class Waitrose-email-subscribers like me a bit hot under the

Presumably that is the point of the exercise. However, in the end it was wasted. While the Boudoir Rose Boot filled with roses that David is touting - albeit in his lovely boyish way - may do it for some, I am not really a cut flower footwear person. Faced with the John Lewis partnership's best online cornucopia of love gifts, I let poor David down. Without really thinking about it, I revealed my true colours; totally bypassed Valentines and clicked
straight onto "Pancake Day".

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