Monday, 4 February 2008

A Nice Green Leaf: Is My Garden Hot or Not?


Do you fancy a bit of poking your nose into other people's business? The Financial Times ran an article at the weekend about Bring Fronts Back,  who run a cute website devoted to campaigning for more front gardens that aren't just cement carparks. 

Despite the helpful tips about how to avoid flooding in your street, my favourite bit is their picture gallery, where you can nosily enjoy a bit of virtual neighbourhood snooping. And as Bring Fronts Back provide their own commentary on the gardens they show, it's like having your favourite bitchy friend along with you.

I personally always like front gardens. I like them with gnomes, I like them with smart topiary. They are our one chance to express ourselves, artistically, to the neighbourhood. The choices we make when we decide how to put ourselves on show to others are sometimes hilarious, sometimes impressive, nearly always interesting. I'm particularly fascinated by these people. I'm imagining a whole story behind every garden. 

I think perhaps Bring Fronts Back should give up on the campaigning and just run a front garden mark-awarding site along the lines of Hot or Not?. I post a photo of my front garden and then everyone else can pitch in about whether it's any good. See, it could earn pounds and pounds.

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